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good for you no-hope..

sablefish, I wanted to come back and say something to you

The leader of your group here, the one whose opinions you hold so highly, freeman, is not anyone who likes me, that I know of.

Recently a private message transpired to me from freeman, and I can surely say, he is not anyone who thinks well of me in the slightest, from what I could glean.

His sharing indicated he did not like me or trust me or my words, and sought to question me and my heart, mind and 'motives', as if he could, he can't, down to the very fibre of my being.

His words to me were cruel, presumptive, cold, dismissive and hardly having anything to do with me or the truth. Yet they rolled off of his keyboard to me with the effortless flow of one, perhaps, seasoned in cold cruel discourse, no idea.

But this I know, that man does not like me!

Now if you think I should be interested in talking to you on the phone, I don't know why.
I'm married and I don't talk to strange men, or on the phone with them.

At the moment I have no better option, but I won't be interested in that one.
If you want to know more and talk about "Jesus", you can do that here just fine, and in any Christian chatroom.

But please don't pretend this is about Jesus Christ, or even me.

This is about your not knowing who I am, disliking that fact, being spiritually blind to interest in the truth about Jesus, and all of your deep trust you place in your friend freeman and what he sees as truth, or true.

If his 'power' is so threatened by a group of vocal Christians, and not a very big one, I question its source, yes, I do.

More than that, the way he spoke to me made me wary of him and his words, and sharings. Which is a shame because a agreed with somethings he said. And as for Henry, I agree with a huge lot of what he says. I am hurt and saddened it has come to this here- but Christ's words say He came tobring a sword to divide light from darkness..

And I'm afraid about Christians and me, your friend freeman is quite inthe dark there.

I don;t want to go on about the man and I don't want to fall into slander, so I will leave it at this.

In the end, I will say, he closed the door to me, unless he wishes to address me, perhaps with a requisite apology, I have no interest in talking with him or his friends.

There was just too much in what he said to me to sufficiently put me off to many here and you'll just have to believe that. Either way, it's true.

God bless
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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