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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

This . . .

It is my belief that each and every one of us has attributes and weaknesses that are directly linked to each other.

Why is your typical "geek" usually lanky, unattractive, etc? The reason is because his makeup is designed to function as a 'geek'. If this 'geek' was to spend the amount of time that a prettyboy/girl spends on their looks, body, etc . . . then that person will not be carrying out the function that he is predisposed to prefer.

Hyenas and moose are attracted to other hyenas and moose . . . if not, these animals would not have perpetuated the species.

I'm not exactly sure I worded the 'dog eat dog' scenario correctly. Let me ponder that a bit.

The reason that the fit don't always survive is attributed to pure dumb luck. Life is like a poker game and a chess game all rolled into one, if you think about it. You need to develop certain skills and timings to get ahead in life, and you also need to either have the luck of a really good hand, or the ability to make everyone think it's better than it is.

About the dog eat dog bit. We all practice this in daily life . . . unfortunately it is part of our nature. We are animals in a biological sense, and we cannot deny that our primitive brain still causes us to act on instinct and impulse. Unfortunately, these primitive brain functions have been closely studied by the powers that be, so they know exactly how to make a world full of oversexed, over competative, blatantly hateful, bigoted and envious people. Why do you think these advertizing firms study seemingly simple things like product placement, advertising print methods, word placement, subliminal messaging, etc.? It is so they could make us do or buy whatever it is that they want us to buy.

Not all of us know the nature of our own brains, and unfortunately, it is a topic that is a bit beyone most of our grasps.

If you really want to make the world a better place, perhaps we should start secretly putting salt peter in the special sauce at the McDonalds as a starting point. However, if we did things like this without the sheeples' knowledge, we would be just as guilty of trying to gain control over the masses as the NWO is guilty of exploiting it.

And Arjuna . . . I think you're right about male PMS. I usually get mine the day after my wife is done with her PMS . . . and after ungodly amounts of moodswings and abuse. Hey, if she's allowed to verbally beat me down because of something that is in no way, shape or form any design that I would have put into women, why can't I not have my day of retaliation? She knows that I get moody the day after she has been . . . and she has come to expect and accept that she is a bitch when she has PMS, and so she takes her licks the same way I do. We both have calmed down since I started doing this to her, because now she knows how it feels, and she is more careful about what she says and does while she is PMS'ing. We have seen each other's side of the coin as closely as is physically and mentally possible. I can never experience true PMS, but she also cannot truely feel what its like to be on the recieving end of one of her temper tantrums, either. I do take it easier on her than she does on me, but I also don't have the symptoms she has.

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