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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

this wrote:
I'd have to agree with Dark Childe that the spat between Barbara and OC/fra is not worthwhile.

So DC, about the survival of the fittest idea, are you familiar with the Darwin/ early days of Communism angle? The fit can survive, yes, but they don't always. This idea is similar to the creation versus evolution debate. It is possible to have both.

Why are many animals and people beautiful, and yet others like hyenas or moose, clearly not? I'm not sure a truly dog eat dog world could work. Life might not exist at all under that scenario. Balance is probably the answer. Power resides in weakness as well as strength, beauty as well as ugliness.
Yet you say nothing of the Hare, or the Squirrel...

and what of the Beaver?

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