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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

And just to clear something up . . . fra/OC and Barbara's arguments serve at least one purpose. They both are getting out into the open what they are feeling. Now they both have to consider what the other is saying and try to find a middle ground. Both sides of their arguments have valid points, bullshit, and hatred/prjudice within them.

But, they are also human beings, and have every right to feel the way the feel . . . you really cannot control what you feel, you can only learn how to express it or channel and focus it toward something positive.

However, I do think fra is hurting over something right now, and whatever it is, I do hope it passes and he starts to feel better about it. I detect hatred in the form of inflicted pain in his words. Something similar goes for Barbara, but its not the same. Barbara is bent on revenge, even though she doesn't say it. She was hurt by some neanderthal of a man, and rightfully so, she has distrust and contempt for those particular type of men. So be it. The ones she describe aren't worth the trouble anyway, but not all men are like this. She also believes that there are men out there that are perfect providers as well as perfect physically and mannered specimen. Very rare, and most of them are gay.

And fra, women are just as flawed as us. They fall into this 'I wanna be pretty/a princess/a cheerleader' crap at an early age. IF you really want to blame someone for the very start of this pattern of behavior, blame Mother Goose, Disney, and every other company that puts out children's programming, movies and books. And then blame the parents for allowing their daughters to go after the princes of the world, so they can be concubines.

Now there is no doubt that it is human nature for a female to want a provider . . . but most women want more than a provider. They want someone to downright spoil them with un-necessities. Extras. It seems that dating has turned onto the 4 animal search game. They want (and not all women, but the vast majority) a jaguar in the garage, a mink around her neck, a tiger in bed, and a jackass to pay for it all.

And its not just the men that are being unfaithful. Women who have a good provider are often subject to spend lots of time alone while the husband is working long hours to run the business. This leaves her open to the mailman, milkman, poolboy, personal trainer, etc. to come in and fill the void.

Most women want their cake and to eat it too . . . bet really, you need to pick one or the other, ladies. Either pick the shallow or deep way of life. You can almost never have it both ways without hurting someone else or yourself.

And guys, don't fuck her unless you love her. The spread of AIDS is rampant. I'm tired of watching friends die of this shit.

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