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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

Testify D.C...i hear ya brother!

It's pretty fucking simple really.

A mate has just broken up with his 21 year old slut tart whore girlfriend who took it upon herself to sleep with 8 guys in 2 weeks and give him a few diseases.

He needs this as he is as knieve as a 10 year old child and cannot fathom why other people are not as decent as him...the hallmark of a garden of eden dweller who just got kicked out.

And who taught these wonderful values of fuck anything that moves and do whatever the fuck you like...MALES - through their puppets Christina Slut Face Agurila and Broad Shouldered Brittany.

Who brings the drugs in to make girls behave like complete and utter whores of babylon - MALES.

Who produces the hard core porn that goes along with the drugs and the Dolly articles - MALES.

There ya go created them directly or through passive acceptance of these deal with it.
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