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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

Oh my goddess! I just Nuit! You guys!

The Feminist movement started because a bunch of magicians got together and figured out how the could manipulate the female ego and turn it against Christianty.


Well, I should correct this, of course.

That was the old Aeonic word.

The new word of the Aeon is SHAZAM.

I think that you will find that it complements the old Aeon quite nicely.

SHAZAM. The divine response to Abrahadabra.

If you don't think it's powerful, then you know neither the power of Abrahadabra, nor do you know the power of Shazam!

Just listen:

Shazam! Shazam!
Abrahadabra! Abrahadabra! Abrahadabra!
Shazam! Shazam!

Isn't that nice?

No, my dear worldlings. Things have changed.
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