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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

truebeliever wrote:
Dear BABS...

Strangely enough, I always thought of Australian men as being the epitome of manliness. With all the hardship that went along with settling a hostile new land I would have thought all the cry babies had been weeded out. Thank you both for disabusing me of my illusions.
Dont let these 2 pretenders put ya off. My boomerang always comes back and I ALWAYS tell time by the Sun...Mach 3 razors? Puuhh..i spit on them, sharpened Bowie knife, or it's Miami Vice in Khaki baby.

I'll be off now for a souvlaki and a plate of chips. If i'm not heard from it's because local natives or wild crocs have finally got me...but not to will always be in my heart.

Love T.B.

P.S - fra-whatever and O.C should be ashamed of themselves! As Ali G has said..."that is a very sexist way to talk about these bitches".

Grow up the both of you!

By cricky! It's Stever Erwin! I love that guy, man! Watch him all the time on Animal planet.

You gotta respect a man who dives in head first after 25ft reptiles.
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