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Default Re: Michael Moore Ignores Rampant Vote Fraud

quote]what is your point ?[/quote]

My point is that some of you claim Micheal Moore is part of the system while somehow believing that you are Not!Well i have news for you are part of the system!

What contribution have you made to society ?
To begin with I dont believe those of us in western nations live in a society.The word society entails some kind of abstract concept of community. This is simply bollocks so far as i am concerned no such Metaphysical society or community exists except for one Big Brother would like us to believe we live in!If you swallow that crap good luck to you!.

We live in a neo liberal economic system in which self interest and individualism determines our motives. Any suggestion that contributions to this system are motivated by anything but self interest is just bollocks so far as Iam concerned.

Secondly I couldnt give dam whether my contribution level is valued for in our present economic system or Not!.
I live to survive and exist for a start and then to find fulfillment and a mission for myself not to contribute to an economic system i dont even believe in or care for.
Most employers are so ungraterful and unethical towards my services anyway!
Personally look foward to the demise of the current system and if you claim to be against the NWO so should you also! :-?

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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