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Default Re: Just A Reminder About My Identity And What I Stand For!!

Your my kind of guy, wait, I take that back, sounds too rainbow coalitionish.
No it goes without saying i Dont except Fags and think they should be all castrated!.
Infact it is quite disgraceful that a moral degenerate such as yourself is even posting on this site considering how Conservative and Christian many posters claim to be!.

Its high time for Sir henry to seriously consider Moderation i think!.

Right on man!!.
Right on MAN!. AH YES THE HIPPIE has spoken!.Except there will be no peace on my part you disgust me!.

Fortress Chicago salutes you!
Well i thought it was NY or SF actually for self centred libertines like yourself!.:roll:
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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