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Default Re: How Do I Post Survey Poles

:roll: The idea of posting poles here should be obvious to most of you! I want to post pole for the simple reason of gaining a better understanding of the fellow posters here on cc I am conversing with. If i can post poles that means that i can find simple facts like your age range, your occupation,Educational background, Political views, Religious views,Philosophical on a range of subjects and what you consider yourself to be!.

Basically it will give us all a cross sectional profile of the cc posters especially regulars!.
I dont see anything impinging about this as it is done on other online forums all the time without problems. Unfortuantely sir Henry is like the Phantom and never seems to pop up his head here so i guess the project is on hold until he decides to reply and give me and us all the courtesy of his company which he has hardly once done the whole time i have been on cc which is 200 posts worth! :-? :roll:
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