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Default Re: POLL: Which O.T.O. Body runs Clubconspiracy?

freeman wrote:
Hi, Yeoshua.
Why would this question even matter, since those of us who are savvy to the inner workings of the Evil Craft know that their lying, dissembling spies are everywhere, and it is simply a consequence of everyday life that the true believer must accept?
So how are the good old boys down at your lodge? Deovured any widows' homes recently and then for a pretense made some long prayers to Jabulon?
Look, I'm fulling aware that the Site has been enjoying my company during the last few days. I've been a delightful source of entertainment to the Lodge.

I think we've all had a few giggles.

Because now my web site is posted on google's cache which helps promote my web site and Christianty.

Hey, thanks

I couldn't have done it without you.
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