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Default Re: Thinking about joining, anyone with me?

Infiltrate the Freemasons? But isn't that exactly what the Satanists did? (Remember, you do not have believe in the existence of Satan to believe in the existence of Satanists, any more than you have to believe in the existence of Christ to believe in the existence of Christians.)

Even taking the most benevolent view possible of the Freemasons-- that they were originally just a mutual back-scratching club that is therefore necessarily secret, the long term consequence of the presence of such an organisation within society is that all the top positions will gradually become occupied by corrupt incompetents. Once that has happened, the obvious route for any evil organisation that seeks power is to infiltrate the Freemasons. Clearly, you can change a bad organisation from within if your intention is to make it worse, but changing it for the better (including destroying it) from within may be impossible. Sorry to shoot your down like this, but you would either have to do harm or be harmed.
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