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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

Barbara wrote:

For a woman to be a woman, first a man must be a man. He is the warrior and protector, she the child-bearer and nurturer.
Okay, fair enough, that's biological. Other things are cultural, developed over centuries for some sort of societal harmony. War unfortunately has been a part of life, and sometimes those wars weren't tribe A encroaching on tribe B's territory. Sometimes war has been pushed on society by kings and queens and more recently banksters. The violence to spirit from men being directly involved in war is immeasurable. Violence to spirit also took the form of induced poverty, banker style, from families forced into slave labour in the new industrial revolution.

When you great knuckle-draging warriors go chasing off after a younger "piece," and leave the female with 2-3 or more small children who will grow up in poverty while you and the new chick spend your time dodging child support payments, I don't call that being a man.

Look around, how many instances of this have you seen in your relatively young lives? How many of you come from that background?
Haven't seen that, can't really comment. Identify more with Henry's view of feminism where women choose to dissolve the relationship.


No, I don't like what has happened to the young women of today OR the young men. Both groups have been sorely manipulated by the same group of Social Engineers to bring about just the results you have so accurately described.

To destroy any species all you have to do is foul their nesting ground. Don't look now but there is shit in the nest of the hertosexual MALE AND FEMALE, especially you white guys. You are the ultimate threat to the One World Order elite. You always have been and for that they intend to destroy you by any means.

Notice, they included women as a minority when passing laws either "protecting" or favoring certain groups. That is a dead giveaway. Divide and conquor. Set one group against the other. In this case, divide and destroy. Has it sunk in yet that your group is the ONLY one without a social (or otherwise) "safety net?" You are all walking around with a bulls eye on your back.
Can't see why OC was taking offense, but that's what he did 6 months ago when he was on this forum


Besides loosing many generations of the "best and brightest" to bankers' and industrialists' wars, there is a generation being lost today that was never threatened by this before and I am referring to pornography. So many young men today can no longer "get it on" with women because their brain is mush from watching hours on end of this soul-destroying poison while practicing self-gratification. That means no reproduction; sad, but not altogether a bad thing. You need a healthy mind and body to establish and maintain a healthy relationship and rear healthy children.

Abortion has left many of the "thirty-something" females unable to reproduce. It's sad but not altogether a bad thing. Again, it takes a healthy mind and body to establish and maintain a healthy relationship and rear healthy children.

There is no way to unscramble scrambled eggs, there has been a lot of damage done to Generation Xers and Yers, I guess you could call them. My best suggestion is to get out of the cities to look for a wife, someone considerably younger than you. When you find someone who meets your criterior, MAKE A LIFE-LONG COMMITMENT TO HER.

A long-practiced double standard - it's alright for guys to screw around on their wives but it is NOT alright for wives to screw around on their husbands - made women a perfect target for these Social Engineers.

It took WWII to get women out of the home and into jobs while their men were overseas wiping out the root stock of their own race. Another great move towards destroying the nesting ground.

Learn the difference between "need" and "want" so that the family can live on one income, yours.

Love each other, but just as importantly RESPECT each other and the roles that nature intended for the two of you to play. Both of you love and nurture your children, do not turn the role of educating them over to government schools. Teach THEM respect but first and foremost be a role model in the way their Father and Mother respect each other.

Never go to bed at night after having an argument without finding some common ground on which to stand and say "I love you." With the way things are going, it may be the last chance you get.

Start with a plan and some mutually agreeable ground rules, sort of like a prenuptual agreement, and refer to them when things get rough. What a great opportunity to share your philosophy of life with another.

Good luck and God (whoever or whatever he/she/it may be) bless. Remember, if it was easy, everybody could do it.
Anyway, can't see why there was an argument against Barbara's points. And for Barbara - if men are the hunters, tuned in to seek out mates, don't you think they might be a little depressed and angry at the scarcity of 'normal' women? A man can be normal, but when only a small number of women have escaped feminist brainwashing there will be many men out of luck. Has feminism also brainwashed these men to accept a life without becoming a husband and father? Perhaps.
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