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Default Re: NYC Subway Terrorist Threat

this wrote:
The main stream media is just beginning to take notice that a "Watergate-level event" is about to occur in Washington.
This should, of course, be cause for some amount of concern.. You remember what happened during the last (the *real*) Watergate, don't you? It was basically a coup attempt to get the Rockefellers into the White House.. Weak dollar, rising energy prices, Mideast conflicts.. get Agnew out of office and appoint Ford, get Nixon out of office, move up Ford and have him appoint Nelson Rockefeller VP, and then try to assissinate Ford.

Of course, all the assissination attempts on Ford failed and eventually they just gave up and allowed the Trilateral front man Carter to be installed instead, but still .. it was definately a coup attempt.

Something similar is probably happening now .. weak dollar, rising energy prices, Mideast conflicts.. I'd keep your eye very closely on Jay Rockefeller (of WV) and watch what he does. Or perhaps this time around, the Rockefellers will simply rule the country via the military instead. But you are correct, there is certainly another coup attempt underway..

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