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Default WARNING: Intelligence service penetrated this site

Once again it should be pointed out that this site is not primarily religious forum and it is not designed for religious fanatics, self-declared prophets, for those that want to convert others to their “religion” , those that want to discredit other religious traditions etc.


We are not theologists gatthered at the conference where we should present our sceintific papers (based on valid information and thorough research) and discuss the hystory of different religions, particular hystorical events or philosophy of religions using all recognized scientific methods and instruments.

Personally I am not prepared for serious,scientific discussion of these issues that will lead us to proper conclusions.


Unfortunatelly, less you know – more you IMAGINE you know.

The hystory of religions is very serious science based on thorough theoretical and practical “field” research, meticulous studies and evaluations of diffrent ( sometimes contradictory) hystorical sources, reviewing of thousands of pages of scientific studies etc.

So stop bothering us with your speculations,imaginations etc.

Study for yourself and publish a book.

Stop interferring with our serious elaboration of NWO.

Stop distracting us.


As I previously said these distracting threads elaborating endlessly “religious point at issues” – that are totally unrelated to the issue we are interested in,
are classical case of the psychological warfare – persuasion,propaganda and, in the end, brainwashing.

I notice that those “ enlightened preachers” apply the well-designed theory of “six” (six keys for changing beliefs and behavior ) that most of the intelligence services ( CIA,KGB,Mossad,MI-6 ) have been using in their work.

That is why i think that they are all intelligence service operatives

One of the keys for changing attitudes is to present lie that will be accepted as a true -
so you launch “set of information” consists of a few truthful information (presented out of context), lot of lies and (most ) the semi-information , that are , in the end, considered to be “true” by ordinary people.

Psychological warfare includes the so called white,black and gray propaganda and each of them has different levels. For example simple gray propaganda is a single black lie while black propaganda is a black lie falsely attributed to another source. Thses "religious intolerrance thraeds "threads could be clasify as the black lie.

At the beginning these “psychological warriors” started with mild form of psychological warfare that is persuasion. Persuasion does not present systemetic set of beliefs (unlike propaganda) it is just attempt of discrediting your own attitude.

By Persuasion you do not present your theory – you do not even try to change beliefs of the object ,
by persuasion you just attempt to win "the heart and mind" inducing change of your previous attitudes , which entails affective (emotion-based) change .Persuasion is difficult to induce but its effects last long because the target actually accepts and internalizes the advocacy (“wrongfulness” of his previous attitude) .

There are many persuasion tactics, one of which utilizes the Socratic Effect, studied by the famous influence researcher, William McGuire. It states that by merely directing thoughts to attitudes and beliefs with logical implications for one another, those attitudes and beliefs become more consistent.

However these “religious preachers” figured out that the correlation between attitude and behavior, at this site , is weaker than they expected and realized that if someone has a positive attitude towards them does not mean he/she will invariably behave in a desired manner.

That is why they started new tactic- Propaganda

Propaganda is the method of creating “set of beliefs”. Beliefs are things known or believed to be true, as opposed to attitudes, which are evaluations of objects that we think about. Beliefs are important precursors to both attitudes and behavior, but are often used or created after the fact to defend attitudes and behaviors we already own.

The first documented use of the word 'propaganda' was 1622, when Pope Gregory XV attempted to increase church membership by strengthening belief (Pratkanis & Aronson, 1992). The term now connotes consistent persuasion attempts which manipulate far more than mere belief. Nonetheless, central to both education and propaganda is the role of the fact, the element of knowledge that the target believes to be true (that is why these false “religious preachers” cite parts of the scriptures, “scholarly” reffering to specific texts, etc.

I believe that these propagandists will continue their psychological warfare applying the third key for successful behaviour modification – that is brainwashing.
Brainwashing will be applied in order to recruite us for their “virtual” –“internet” cult.

The term "brainwashing" was first used by the news correspondent Hunter in 1951 to describe the conversion process that American POWs had undergone in Chinese prison camps during the Korean war. He translated the term from the Chinese concept of hse nao, "wash brain." Actually, Mao Tse-tung used the term ssu-hsiang tou-cheng, or "thought struggle," as early as 1929 to denote what we now commonly refer to as "mind control," "thought reform," or "thought control" (Singer, 1995).

Thought control truly represents the dark side of social influence, as it combines compliance, persuasion, and propaganda tactics into a powerfully insidious form of coercive manipulation that robs an individual of his original identity and replaces it with another that the individual would not have freely chosen of his own accord.

Thought control requires isolation of the individual from his normal social references, and is therefore best accomplished in a separatist group such as a cult.

This site must not be place where the new cult appear.
As we now many modern cults are created by intelligence services.
So lets resist this adversity.

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