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Default Re: Bye, Bye Old Dollar Standard

Oh, hey, I would insist on buying the real thing and taking delivery of it forthwith IF I COULD AFFORD TO BUY GOLD, which I can't either, just as you said.

Face it, the bankers intend to end up with all the gold. Yes, they offer it for sale to the public and those who can afford it, buy it as a hedge against chaos.

Here's the kicker, what is to keep the "gubmint," which is totally controlled by those same bankers, (the borrower is subject to the lender) from declaring the ownership of gold illegal and having it all recalled? There's precedent on the books.

All purchases on the open market are recorded, much like registering your guns at point of purchase. Even if you don't have some goon in a black SWAT or Homeland Security uniform come and kick your door down, just try to use that gold.

I'll tell you what is an even better investment for the "little guy"; if you have a cellar buy regular canned goods, (not dried, what if they cut the water off or you have to move in a hurry where there's no water?) Buy spare parts for your car, things like belts that are apt to wear out or break, maybe even an extra set of tires. Wouldn't hurt to keep and extra 20 or so gallons of gas on hand - use it and replace it immediately so it doesn't separate on you.

I wasn't alive during the last depression but I heard many a conversation between my grandparents and my parents. They had food because they and later I lived on a farm but you can't imagine the social upheaval and civil disorder when the grocery store shelves are empty or, even worse, there's food and you have no money.
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