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Default Re: Don't Buy Into American Slave System

Imagine you are tooling along, just doing the double nickle and a zealous pair of cops spot the fact that your car doesn't have a tag? That's part of the "freeing up" process.

You get pulled over and the cop demands license, registration and proof of insurance. Without a current tag they can't run the alpha-numeric code through their onboard computer to check for insurance. Oooops, don't have those either. While one cop is writing furiously, ticket after ticket, the other one has his stun gun out and ready.

Without proper papers, you are told to exit the vehicle, hands in plain sight. BUT, you say, I have this paper from a judge that says I am well on my way to becoming a free man. They don't even want to see it, they don't even want to HEAR about it. You might as well be speaking Greek or Swahili. For your impudence of disputing a Police Officer you get hit with a couple of jolts from Office Dudley DoRite's brand new stun gun, handcuffs applied while you are trying to get your heart started again and then you are thrown into the back seat of their cruiser that smells like the bathroom in a flop house, or so I've been told.

You protest some more from the back seat, once you're able to breathe again; under the Constitution I have the right to travel. Sure you do, ever heard of walking or taking the bus or a taxi? No bicycle, even, without proper documentation and safety equipment for riding in public on streets and highways, where allowed.

The "grandfather clause" was our last best hope and those who could claim it are now dead or in their dotage, present company excluded of course. Hmmm

Anyway, back to the story. You can either pay your fines and call someone to come and drive your car for you after it has been towed to the impound lot, another 2-3 hundred dollars and an 8-10 hour wait, or you can ante up several thousand dollars in bail OR whatever the Bail Bondsman will take as collateral including but not limited to your car, your house, your first born, etc., and wait for a court date.

The rest is just too sad for words as you try to tell a judge that he has no jurisdiction over you as a free man and you wind up pleading your case anyway in propria persona(can't have a lawyer and still be free) before a jury of today's idiots who get stuck with jury duty. They hate you going in. You will be lucky if you don't get the death penalty.

Twelve months as a paralegal was 11 months, 3 weeks and 6 1/2 days too long for me.

WE ARE NOT FREE AND WE WON'T BE FREE UNTIL EVERYTHING THAT IS LAW NOW IS NO MORE. BTW, that includes the Constitution but that is for another posting.
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