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Default Re: Scientific Stupidity Knows No Bounds

Why was the "Spanish flu" influenza virus called the "Spanish flu" when it originated, by historic accounts, in Tibet in 1917? It is said that Spanish newspapers were the only ones reporting on the great plague due to their neutrality over World War I politics. However, Spain was as dear to America then as Communist China is to the United States today. The "Spanish flu" was named such following two decades of disputes between America and Spain over colonization of the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii and the Phillippines beginning with the Spanish American war that ended in the Phillippines in 1902. Does this history appear to be repeating with the advent of SARS, allegedly from China?
(<a href="">SARS - A Great Global SCAM By Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH</a>)

On top of that, I read somewhere that the Spanish "Flu" was in fact a bona fide biological agent created by the US. I'll try to find that report somehow.


This could be it:

<a href="">Vaccinations Not Virus Responsible for Spanish Flu</a>

The following is an interesting commentary about an article on the 1918-1920 pandemic, which the propaganda says was caused by Spanish flu (Irish Examiner, May 1).

It took a British science team to identify the first virus in man in 1933, yet propaganda says that the virus of Spanish flu killed millions of civilians and soldiers during the pandemic from 1918 to 1920.

Many would have us believe that all those American soldiers who died from non-combatant causes died from Spanish flu. However, U.S. Army records show that seven men died after being vaccinated.

Further, according to a report from U.S. Secretary of War Henry L Stimson, the deaths were not only verified but also there had been 63 deaths and 28,585 cases of hepatitis reported as a direct result of yellow fever vaccination during only six months of the war.

Plus, the yellow fever vaccination was only one of the 14 to 25 shots given to recruits.

After vaccination became a requirement in the U.S. Army in 1911, cases of typhoid and vaccinal diseases increased rapidly, according to Army records. The death rate from typhoid reached the highest point in the history of the U.S. Army after America entered the war in 1917.

In 1917, 19,608 men were admitted into army hospitals due to anti-typhoid inoculation and vaccinia, according to a report of the Surgeon-General of the U.S. Army; and this doesn’t take into account others whose symptoms were attributed to other causes.

The army doctors knew all these cases of disease and death were due to vaccination and were honest enough to admit it in their medical reports.

Army doctors tried to suppress the symptoms of typhoid with a stronger vaccine, however it caused a worse form of typhoid, paratyphoid.

They then concocted an even stronger vaccine to suppress the previous one and created an even worse disease--Spanish flu.

After the war, this was one of the vaccines used to protect a panic-stricken world from the soldiers returning from WWI battlefronts infected with dangerous diseases.

The rest is history.

<a href="">Irish</a> May 8, 2003


Also this quite long article could be interesting:
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