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Default Re: Bye, Bye Old Dollar Standard

I agree with what Barbara said, buy stuff you know you will need before you buy gold. The idea to get an extra set of tires is a good one too, back duing WWII you couldn't get tires since all rubber was needed for killing. If you needed new tires before the war started and put it off you were in a tough spot. Food, water filter, fuel, solar panel with batteries to charge, radios, LED flash lights, self defense stuff. It's easy to go overboard, just get things that can be used even if nothing happens so that it doesn't go wasted and don't buy so much stuff that people think you have lost your mind.

I'd suggest silver over gold if you wanted some kind of metal to use as a trade unit if the dollar became worthless. Silver spot is about $7.40 an Oz vs. $475 for gold. Buy some 1 oz silver rounds, they are big, heavy(1oz :lol: ), and have some flash. People like those and I feel they would be willing to take a coin or two for food or other things if times got real bad...if it never gets bad they make great gifts for kids and they can always be sold. Silver prices are fair...too much on the market to corner it. I buy mine on that famous online auction site...sometimes below the spot price.
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