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Default Re: NYC Subway Terrorist Threat

psholtz wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
As far as an attempt at a coup, I mean, isn't that point kind of moot?
I'm not sure what you mean..

Not to bring up Insider again, but he does have a point (meta-point, I suppose) when he says everyone you see in the public limelight is just a puppet.. and I'm not talking a puppet of higher-dimensional space people.. in this case, I mean that Bush is just a plain, ordinary, down-to-earth puppet of plain, ordinary, down-to-earth tyrants like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds..

They're using him (i.e., Bush) to accomplish their goals, and when they're finished using him, they'll discard him like a piece of trash and move onto the next traitor. Wouldn't surprise me in the least to learn that Bush is being "used" in this manner right now.. (i.e., being set up for some kind of fall)..
How can anyone be as incompetent as this administration, Bush, et. al., without it being orchestrated? The man is as dumb as he appears? No. The people are DUMB to believe he is STUPID. But, then again, what do they know about puppets, etc.

A woman yesterday told me that she Prays for Bush because he's dumb and can't handle all of these events.

She prays for Bush and she didn't vote for him or Sr.

Seems to me they don't need a coup. They have their men/women in place.

In Congress, the next Presidential nominees, in the State Department, Justice Department, Military, Courts, media.

You get the picture.
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