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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

This, I didn't forget your question but I wanted to think on it because of the seriousness with which you asked it and the potential for mischief that would lie in an "off the top of my head" type answer.

Here's the conundrum, what is normal today? Sadly, once those leaders of a movement like Women's Liberation have "moved on," the Betty Friedans, Bella Abzugs and Gloria Steinhams, the harm and wreckage they leave behind gets incorporated into the structure of things because the human race has become so adaptive or adaptable. Life is moving at a much faster pace than, say, even 50 years ago. Technology is rocketing us into a future we have not had the time needed with which to adequately adjust, so in order not to be "left behind" in this mad rush we "adapt and run." It is also a useful tactic, watch how they stamped cattle up a ramp to the slaughter house.

It could be likened to having only 30 minutes for lunch so you swing by McDonalds, pick up the poison of your choice and eat it in the car on the drive back to work. You eat without thinking or tasting and before you know it you have finished and you are back at work. The poisonous "fast food" you have ingested will now work it's way through your system for a couple of days clogging your arteries with cholesterol, adding unneeded fat and calories to over work your heart, etc., and you will have already forgotten the act of ingestion.

More males today refer to and think in terms of the Women's Liberation Movement than do women. The little "mouseburgers," as Betty Freidan condescendingly referred to women then, were told to burn their bras, get out there and go toe-to-toe with the oppressive (usually white) men of the world and claim their rightful place. Again, using a simile, it is relative to telling blacks with no education, no work ethic, no strong family or community structure that it is the white man alone that is holding them back; racism. Both are lies, told with a purpose.

Creating false expectations in anyone or any group is a destructive thing done with malice aforethought. As the expectations ARE false or misleading, they are doomed to failure, leaving those who bought into the lie looking around for someone to blame. Just as I never owned a slave or contributed to the oppression of any person of color, most of you white guys never owned a corporation with a "glass ceiling" that kept women from advancing but the die has been cast. You and your kind are the enemy.

While I can stay out of predominantly black neighborhoods to avoid being available for someone to vent their frustrations on, you single white males are in the worst possible position. Those who would resent you for imagined wrongs are the very group to whom you look to find a mate to share your life and have your children, thus forming the building blocks of civilization - the nuclear family.

Do you recall when I referred in my original post to the fact that, to destroy any species, all that is required is to foul (poison or destroy) the nesting ground? It is much easier to see in retrospect than it was at the time their treacherous plan was being put into place.

A feeling of animosity was created and an attitude struck, laws were passed by the "whore (Congress and Senate) who sits on the back of the beast (government)," in the District of Corruption (modern day Babylon) in order to curry favor with yet another organized group of voters, guaranteeing that you and others like you are branded as oppressors for life.

Sorry, Love, I'm getting there but some background was necessary, nothing happens in a vacuum and not everyone is all that familiar with the movement as it came about, only it's tragic legacy.

After a couple of generations of being told they are Superwomen and can/must juggle job and family and make it look easy, the Superwomen of today are tired, both in body and in spirit. The mothers and grandmothers of the young women from which you will choose a wife are beginning to realize that those who originally sold them the lie had money which bought maids and butlers and didn't know the meaning of budgeting a more or less fixed income to accommodate rising prices for everything from basic needs such as food and shelter to health care which is a luxury few today can really afford. Fear is their constant companion.

One of the hardest things in the world is to admit to having been gullible and taken in by another's lies. Look at the former Bushites who are changing their mind on the war but are slinking to the opposite view rather than tar and feathering Bush himself. They have been taken in, they know that others know this and they are embarrassed by it. Some, rather than admit they are wrong, are still pushing for more death and destruction, just to save face. Ego at work.

This is the situation of women in the wake of Women's Lib. Rather than admit that they were gullible they can look at their husbands and fault them for not making more money or their boss in the workplace for not paying them enough. The simple fact is that they were given false expectations. Advertising in all it's myriad manifestations bombard them with pictures of the "successful" woman, wife and mother. Children are programmed to be consumers from the cradle. All this takes MONEY, the major cause of arguments, divorces and inter-familial homicides in this country and other first world nations.

Meanwhile, Madison Avenue, the Mecca of advertising campaigns, portrays the husband as an overweight, bumbling, often insensitive dolt and makes him the butt of thinly-veiled jokes where the rest of his family is concerned. Are you beginning to see how thoroughly fouled is the nesting grounds of the nuclear family, who is doing it and what they want to achieve as a final result? You, white boy, are the enemy and must vanish from the face of the earth. You stand in the way of a total takeover of the whole planet by the Satan-worshiping Illuminate. Sorry to disillusion you but those at the top are not white, only those in the next lower levels who think they run the show are. If you want to know more about this we can discuss it by e-mail, it's too much for here.

Men and women have to clean their minds of the brainfilthing that has been spoon-fed to them since birth. You are a part of nature in that this earth is your physical form's environment. When was the last time you went for a long walk in the country, maybe watched the sun rise or set? When did you last enjoy the silence - no radio, TV, iPod, cell phone, pager, computer or cars - from out of doors and listen to what the voices of the silence were whispering to you? Moving water, a stream, a river, the ocean are all great places to go, giving the mind a rest so it can begin to cleanse itself. "Physician, heal thyself" before taking on the role of helping the woman of your choice to heal herself.

You must come to realize that you are not a physical being having a spiritual experience but a spiritual being having a physical experience. Once this thought has become a part of you, you can open yourself to the possibilities of a love that is so deep and abiding that it encompasses yet transcends the physical. Women are usually more "spiritual" than men, sorry, guys. When a woman finds a man who evinces interest in the spiritual by his actions and lifestyle, who actually embraces and reflects these qualities, they are usually flabbergasted.

No, you don't have to hug trees or chant mantras or wear those funny clothes. Spirituality is a sensed quality, it makes itself known and felt quietly at a soul-deep level and bids the loved one to join it. Unlike a quick "roll in the hay," this takes time. Look at it as an investment in the rest of your life.

It is revealed through even-tempered-ness and reason, not temper tantrums and yelling. Have you ever noticed how some people have a calming effect on others? They seem to embrace life, absorbing the good as nectar and dealing with the not-so-good so that it doesn't throw them for a loop. Study them, learn their secrets for getting past the stress.

For your own sake, STOP RUSHING. Know the old expression, "stop and smell the roses?" When was the last time you smelled a rose on a rose bush and not one that smells like a funeral home in some grocery store cooler? EXPERIENCE LIFE, it is all around us and we are too busy or too tired to notice, or even care. That is not living, it is existing - BIG DIFFERENCE!

Have you ever tried to build anything while going 90 miles an hour? Well, that is what we are doing today, we are trying to build relationships on the fast track with no foundation save for physical attraction (sex appeal) which is fleeting at best. We all get older. What are you going to do with the other 23 1/2 hours of your day? Learn the art of real communication, it is the super glue of life and relationships.

Once you become comfortable in your own skin, at peace within yourself, you will have to carry a big stick to beat the women off. You will become a magnet to the female soul. Don't get off track, choose carefully. Don't lose yourself again and go back to the way you were before. Time is on your side even though all we really have is a little bit of time, relatively speaking, to experience all the treasures that life has to offer. Quality over quantity.

BTW, in case some lady is reading this, every bit of it applies to you. Being a woman myself, I understand your frustrations at ever finding the "right" man for you. I have three grown daughters.

You cannot pick peaches from a cherry tree, you have to go where the peach trees are growing. My best advice would be to stay away from singles bars and after-work watering holes for the worker bees. You know the scene. Better to find a park or walking path, no better way to ease out of the work-a-day mode and ease into a relaxing evening. Frequent smaller, quieter, more out-of-the-way restaurants.You meet some very nice people in all these places. Think about it. Toss the TV and give your vehicle a rest. Your wallet will thank you, too, with $3.50 a gallon gasoline.

This is not a road map to a place called Happiness, it is not a battle plan for going out and "capturing" the mate of your dreams. It is offered as food for thought. Don't try swallowing it whole, it was meant to be consumed slowly, with thought and consideration.

You alone are the ultimate master of your own fate. Every decision you make moves you in a direction. Be aware of this so that you can make the decisions that will help you move in the direction you want to go.

There is someone out there looking for you just as you are looking for them.
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