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Default Re: NYC Subway Terrorist Threat

psholtz wrote:
Does the NYC Subway Terrorist "Threat" look anything like this??:

Planet Earth's Most Wanted Terrorist

b/c if not, I have a feeling they're barking up the wrong tree.. :-P
Oh, yes, the Dr., but not a MEDICAL doctor. Couldn't understand that. Guess I was too young. Assumed only those with that title worked as doctors.

Oh, Henry, (like the candy bar).

Broken English; spoke with an accent. German Jew.

Member in 1952 of the Psychological Strategy Board. That speaks volumes.

The Board Kennedy wanted to abolish.

The Board responsible for mind control programs.

Who took their orders from the top. From the President on down???

Gawd, that's been knocking on my door for years.
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