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Default Re: POLL: Which O.T.O. Body runs Clubconspiracy?

If any of you ever wonder why I went through all this hooy, I have a good answer: To prove an eternal point.

The only thing left for me to say to the 'Illuminists' is: gotcha.

It was not good enough for this to be done by some grand entity celibrated abroad in the Christian community. No, this one had to be the real thing. This little task required one who was a Fool indeed, a nobody, the 'least in the kingdom' if you will.

And if the least in the kingdom, if a fool for Christ, if a goofball joker, if a loser by the standards of this world can defeat the Antichrist, the Satanist, the Illuminati, what could the church at large have accomplished by faith?

What CAN it accomplish by faith even now!
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