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Default Big Hurricanes, Big Earthquakes

Now I realize that all of you conspiracy theorists are convinced that the hurricanes and what not are guided by the Illuminati.

But, please, allow me to dispell your delusions.

That the 'natural disasters' are guided and meaningful is not a wrong idea. The point I need to drill into your thick skulls is that they are being guided by the King of Heaven and Earth.

The fall of NOLA is not by accident and it has a very specific (and mean) significance behind it.

LA has fallen. And the house of the rising sun is finished. This is applicable on all planes.

It wasn't the Illuminati who guided Katrina. His name is AL!

The east will be crushed before the end. For the east is the house of Cain. For Cain was a murderer and he was of the seed of the serpent. And he went to the east of Eden.

And the East will meet the West. For the East has ever been the House of Babylon.

Woe, woe, woe! to the earth and the sea!

Prepare to meet thy God!

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