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Default Liberals vs Conservatives on this forum.

Peace all,

This is just my opinion as a member here, and you don't have to accept it.

This forum is a small picture of the world. Satan's schemes as well as God's must be here as they are out there.

So whatever happens on this forum, whatever problems arise, whatever solutions are reached. it is what exactly happens in the outside world.

Here are the parallels between this forum and the world outside:

Satan operates through "Extremes", extreme right and extreme left, he don't operate on the balanced straight path of God. He divids the world into two sides, in order to destroy the human being, his most ardent enemy.

The first faction is the Liberals, who support "no religion", "no god", "no distinct right or wrong". They promote the one world solution, with everyone happily self indulging in his or her false gods without fear of being bothered!

Tolerance, All religions are good, Universal brotherhood are few of their banners.

And because they have no specific dogma to idolize, they idolize their own egos, they are the leaders with the higher voices, who can bully, redicule and intimidate to control.

The second faction are the sheeple (as the arrogant leaders call them), or the majority of the world. They being weaker, have nothing else but a dogma (religion) to depend and rely on for stability and security. They are more apt to defend their ideology fiercly than the leaders, thus they make good fighters to die for the leaders, "true believers" yet decieved.

I believe that both factions are following Satan. And unless they realize their problem, being stuck in an extreme, there will be no peace.

Only bullying trigerring violence, in a vicious circle orchestrated by Satan himself.

THERE MUST BE a balanced path inbetween, the balanced path i offer you all is submission to God alone.

If the liberals believed in God alone, and killed their egos, they will think twice before insulting or bullying the conservatives.

And if the conservatives believed in God alone, and devoted themselves to Him alone, they wil not be as rigid, hatefull or outraged by any criticism. As they will be God-confident, not dogma-confident. They will not feel threatened when someone attacks their religion, because they are not relying on it for personal security.

Only the submitters to God alone can TOLERATE everybody else, because they don't operate based on emotions, opinions or personal desires, they base their actions on the absolute values alone. And put their trust and rely on God alone.

Are you ego-centered? idol/dogma-centered? or God-centered?

No force, no punishment can work in case of war, nothing but Submission to God alone.

All these energies wasted horizontally, should be invested vertically to contact God in the Heavens and seek His help, forgivness and guidance.

That you may all take heed.

Ahmad Nishitoba

God\'s alternative, USN

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