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THEY said
that I
could never
my poetry
and when
I dared
to tell
the truth
my life
my skin
it fell
THEIR knife

the scars
they left
over time
years of
when I
was nine

It was all
a part
of a
bigger plan
the government
and the
ku klux klan

the CIA
and the
they were
all connected
they all
had ties

no where
to turn
no one
to call
the neighbors
they were all

the Illuminati
is their name
European roots
in the USA

and the
the Catholic Church
and the priests

their sins
masked underneath
their ugly grins

mind control
and torture ruled
splitting off my core ensued

prostitution and pornography
they kept the money
and used me
for FREE

cut my throat
told me
to die
kill myself
commit suicide

programmed me
to be afraid
held mock funerals
to prepare the day

forbidden always
to scream in pain
burned with cigarettes
and called insane

bright lights
were shining
upon my eyes
I could not lie

you know not of
the things you do
so kill me now
because I refuse

to live my life
in complacent fear
precious to me
and oh, so dear

God gave me strength
to fight the wrong
he gave me hands
to write the song
he gave me light
to see my way
he helped me through
my every day

when it was dim
he spoke to me
when all alone
he set me free

when it was time
he let me see
my life, my story
my memory

thank you, God
for what you've done
for now I know
I'll see the sun

the dark was shadowing
my every day
I could no longer live
that way

I begged you please
to remove the reins
to lift the weights
and unlock the chains

to hear me sing out
loud and clear
to help me face
my enveloped fear

forgive me, God
for I
have sinned
but do you know
where I have been?
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