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Default Re: Illuminati Strikes Again! Earthquake exactly 9 months and 11 days since Tsunami!1111

If it wasn't an earthquake it would have been some kind of tornado, or maybe an insect infestation in Borneo.. Yikes.. I stubbed my toe.. and it was exactly 9 months and 11 days since I washed it last..

It must be a plot by the Illuminati.

There may be some kind of "spiritual reason for nines and ones", but only to point out what zero means.. Nothing.

It is in the realm of self fulfilling prophecy.. If you believe in this crap, then you make your actions conform to your belief.. That's what this phony mysticism is about.. Dummies repeating nonsense until it becomes reality.

I have searched the world over, and I have yet to see a person that can influence anything in the physical world.. Not one of them can even influence the direction of a candle's flicker.. Not one of them.
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