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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

Barbara wrote:

After a couple of generations of being told they are Superwomen and can/must juggle job and family and make it look easy, the Superwomen of today are tired, both in body and in spirit. The mothers and grandmothers of the young women from which you will choose a wife are beginning to realize that those who originally sold them the lie had money which bought maids and butlers and didn't know the meaning of budgeting a more or less fixed income to accommodate rising prices for everything from basic needs such as food and shelter to health care which is a luxury few today can really afford. Fear is their constant companion.
There's a link on the web showing a census of Betty Friedan as one of three children of a wealthy family with two maids.


Are you beginning to see how thoroughly fouled is the nesting grounds of the nuclear family, who is doing it and what they want to achieve as a final result?
Yes, I think things are still changeable though. Quite possibly most 'middle class' young women are programmed to be young men in a girlie kind of way. However if they are strong enough they could find themselves some day. How many young women today search out/ hunt for their mate? How likely is that to work long term?


When a woman finds a man who evinces interest in the spiritual by his actions and lifestyle, who actually embraces and reflects these qualities, they are usually flabbergasted.
Yes but she's probably already in control of her life to some extent and continues on.


For your own sake, STOP RUSHING. Know the old expression, "stop and smell the roses?" When was the last time you smelled a rose on a rose bush and not one that smells like a funeral home in some grocery store cooler? EXPERIENCE LIFE, it is all around us and we are too busy or too tired to notice, or even care. That is not living, it is existing - BIG DIFFERENCE!
That's modern life, from maternity leave to daycare to public school to high school etc. Rush, rush to the speed at which 20% are comfortable and 10% find too slow. Also, why wait for marriage when you can have a succession of girlfriends/boyfriends right now? If I were to guess I'd say women do more of the rushing though.

Perhaps modern men's failings are attributable to a lack of imagination, and being out of touch with their creator.

And perhaps modern women's failings are losing respect for their difference and uniqueness. "Oh, I can be a fire fighter too!!" So what?
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