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Default Re: Illuminati Strikes Again! Earthquake exactly 9 months and 11 days since Tsunami!1111

You're full of poop Thumper.. This is an orderly universe.. Cause, and effect. This universe, that we can observe was made under rock solid laws of a physics that we still don't understand.. And science is beginning to understand this multidimensional dump we live in.. And you misfits from the dark ages of ignorance are trying to destroy progress in the search of mankind for the truth of our lonely blue planet for the answer that could save us from the despair of millions of other intelligent beings scattered throughout the universe.. who didn't make the cut.... We didn't make the cut...You get me?

And here's the cut.. The species that make it are the ones that take the natural resources from the world that they inhabit and usr the energy to create more energy resources..

We, as as the human race have squandered our energy ..Oil .. We should have taken every bit of it and turned it into a quest for fission and then fusion and then quantum.

Instead we wasted out precious energy on war to feed the greed of a few... Wars.. killing each other has eaten up our energy resources.. of fossil fuels to create energy to create energy.

We had a chance at one time to join the intergalactic, and perhaps the universal union, but the Satanics planted in our midst by alien encounters prevented us from doing so.

If we had taken the right choice and kept our focus on truth, and science we perhaps would have had a chance to join what you dudes call God.
It's all over.. We are one of the races of intelligent beings that didn't make the cut.. Because of the greed of the aliens who purposely destroyed out chances to join God... and those aliens are the bloodlines of Christ.

Wouldn't you just know it.
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