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Default Re: Big Hurricanes, Big Earthquakes

Well, yes. It was beautiful day today. Mild temperatures, mostly sunny. Enjoying a hot cup of Chai, and doing some lite reading.

How are you?
Well since you asked...i'm all fucked up after snorting a half weight of the purest crystal meth I have EVER ingested on Friday night...they dont call me Mr Snuffeluypagus for nothing!

I was so high i almost touched the sky but it absoloutly killed my nostrils.

Obviously a shipment from Thialand must have gotton through as the local "Biker Cooks" are pretty useless.

I expect the rape of 86 year old Grandmothers to rise proportionally to the purity and the local mad houses will be full again.

Thats the first post of your's i've understood. Keep up the good work.
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