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"Run to to high..."

Gotta love the 70's.

Best of luck mate.

If my "slight of hand" has'nt worked how about this dose of reality...

Fuck off and annoy some other forum with your shit...coz thats what it is...s-h-i-t. I am not even trying to insult you. I am stating this from the POV of complete write shit that is'nt even entertaining or enlivens the forum with a do or die battle of insults.

You remind of the patients at Greylands mental hospital or someone off their heads on Meth who truly believe their "shit" is the finest french gravy with all the trimmings.

Your last post reminds me of a woman in a mental institution who claimed she was some Eastern Goddess and creator of the whole Universe. She grabbed a pen to draw a diagram to enlighten me about life...the pen would'nt work. I could'nt help myself anf exclaimed that it must be frustrating being the creator of the universe but not being able to find a pen that works... 8-)

True story.

You no doubt dream of crashing aircraft often or flying in hot air balloons. When someone refuses to put their feet on the ground life will often make the landing extremely rough.
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