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Default Re: WARNING: Intelligence service penetrated this site

Institute, I love the title of this thread. It is very eye catching. I think also you may be correct about it. I was reading fritz's formula for mind control and noticed there are patterns in their posts similar to the ELF program. Could it be they are able to trasmit ELF waves through what they write?

Some of the many things that can be done to the human body and mind with ELF waves include:

a. put a person to sleep (check!)
b. make a person tired or depressed (check!)
c. create a feeling of fear in a person (check!)
d. create a zombie state (check!)
e. create a violent state (check!)
f. create a state of being sexually aggressive (..maybe for one of the males)
g. change cellular chemistry (check!)
h. change hormone levels (check!)
i. inhibit or enhance M(RNA) synthesis/processes
j. control the DNA transaction process
k. control biological spin and proton coupling constants in DNA, RNA & RNA transferases

I couldn't check off the last 3 because I am not smart enough to understand DNA and RNA structures

I would also like to add the similarities between their preaching and bill grahams

"Some people say that if you have just one convert in an evangelistic campaign, it is worth the meeting. That is not true. The evangelist, as the pastor and teacher, is given to the Body of Christ. The real test of an evangelistic campaign is not how many people are converted but what kind of a spiritual condition does it leave in a community. Billy Graham is not only failing in the number of people he leads to the Lord Jesus Christ in this day when hearts are hungry and most people are afraid of what may happen in the world and when it is easier to get people converted than it ever has been in my lifetime, but Billy Graham is pulling the limbs off of the evangelistic trees and the orchard is being left in bad condition. As we have often said, the real test of an evangelist is not just how many converts he has but does he leave the orchard in condition so it will keep bearing fruit."

Institute, sablefish and freeman - I agree with you all. I truly hope that does not mean I have the voice of Satan.

I for one believe Christ is the only way but I for one can see His words being littered throughout the site and not dispersed more carefully.

I am in danger of silencing my own thoughts and writings because I tend to add bible verses with everything I contribute and am worried that everyone may think I am one of them.

However I don't seem to have been addressed personally on this issue and would like to take this time now to ask everyone if my thoughts of God are too pushy as well. I will not be one to force the Word of God upon someone but I would like to hang on to my style of writing if possible.
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