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Default Re: WARNING: Intelligence service penetrated this site

You know, Lynns Shadow I did not point at you .

Really I do not read your threads carefully because, to be honest, at first site, they are not intellectually stimulating.

By the way, many people are unaware of the fact they are acting as intelligence service operatives.

They are simply victims -indoctrinated and brainwashed by their “ community spiritual leaders” who are acctually intelligent services opratives –like Falwell or Bin Laden. These disguised operatives –“spiritual leaders” are exploitative personalities.

What is the most difficult in the detection of the case of "spiritual and charismatic exploitative personalities" is the fact that they are often regarded by their community or followers as "special”, “gifted”, well-intentioned personalities- "spiritualists" or “reformators” who are often engaged in humanitarian and religious activities, and are ready to sacrifice for the sake of their group and “sacred idea” .

Therefore it is not strange that even educated,intelligent ,highly socially positioned and insightful members of secret organisations and cult-like movements such as Weishaupt’s Masonic Illuminism,Skull and Bones, Cabbalism, Haushofer’s Nazi Vril Society , Al –Qaida, Muslim Brotherhood, Wahabits,Hamas , various Christian fundamentalistic groups , Jehova’s witnesses etc. have regarded their “leaders” as “special people with holy task” and follow them without any hesitation not knowing that they are objects of pernicous mind control and brainwashing.

What is worse, spiritual exploitative personalities, unlike sociopathic leaders of more proufand organizations and gangs , could apparently express deep empathy and a sincerely felt desire to love and care for members of their organization,secret society or religion . An example of this strange phenomenon is Bin Laden’s apparent readiness to abonden very comfortable life as a bussinesman and sacrifice “for the sake of holy mission of islam”.

For their victims they become personalization of spirituality,prophecy,and wisdom.
In a way we could say that while sociopathic leaders physically exploit, control and abuse their victims, "spiritual leaders" do that on the spiritual and emotional level.
As a result, victims of spiritual leaders are often more deeply and permanently scarred,confused and deceived (Isn’t it a real goal of creators of cults and secret societies).

Their confusion can last a lifetime, and after they (if they ever) realize that they have been manipulated,exploited and prevented from normal life and happiness by their"spiritual leaders" their relationships with anything spiritual or anyone who demonstrates empathic concern may be irrevocably damaged.

The primary character trait of a “spiritual charismatic exploitative personality” is that his psychological power (that stems from his knowledeg of mind-functioning and mind-control ) gives the individual strong influence in any position,including the position of informal authority (master of freemasonic lodge, “leader of Al –Qaida” or fundamntalistic Christian preacher ).

He uses his authority in very subtle manner, so that his actions could not be perceived by his victims as exploitation and total control.

He seeks mainly emotional and spiritual control and power over his followers. It is my opinion Bin Laden and other (false) spiritual leaders (including those in Masonic Illuminism, ) use methods of mind control to impose their will to their followers.

In the next thread I will add few more words about this issue.
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