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Default Re: Is 666 the number of the beast or the Quran?

marypopinz wrote:

The New World Order. A bunch of racist sheep, all laughing at the next one in line, while they all stand in line, at the slaughterhouse. Paints a pretty silly picture.

Everyone is so busy looking for the bad, that no one bothers to acknowledge the good or see the common ground.`

very perceptive mary... and funny too. what sillies we are sometimes. the government has perpetuated this,of course,knowing the old "divide and conquer" strategy .

also to jimbo:

that article is very compelling . i have wondered about the catholic church before . however ,there are true believers in the catholic church,so we should be careful to differentiate between the institution itself and the folks who are being misled .

you are a thinker .

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