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Default Re: Poor Man's "Gold" Could Spell Survival in a Currency Crash

If you have read some of my posts relating to this subject, you are probably aware that I don't have much confidence in pre-1965 silver coins being taken at worth rather than face value during or after a time of currency instability or even an outright currency crash to purchase commodities like bread or gasoline.

However, silver is used - as stated in Mr. Steele's article - in so many manufacturing processes that it steps out of it's precious metal capacity and enters into the category of a strategic raw material used by industry.

Numismatic value becomes a moot point since the silver must be melted down to be used. Bullion - stamped bars, rounds, etc. - cost less to buy and are, therefore, a better investment for resale to industry.

IF you have the disposable income after buying spare canned foods (don't forget a couple of good manual can openers), barter-able items, flashlights, etc., you know the drill, then buy all the bulk silver you can protect and easily transport.

Personally, as an aside, I believe every head-of-household should own and know how to use at least one pump shotgun and one handgun with abundant ammunition for both. Individuals can choose to protect themselves or not but children need to be protected. Food, silver, EVEN YOUR LIVES are worth nothing if some armed thug can come along and take all these away from you.

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