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Yeah interesting.
Certainly the majority of the Chinese population is virtualy self sufficient, if some trade action were taken I dont think it would effect the majority of the population in the slightest.
An oil blockade maybe, but with at least 30 new "meltdown proof" pebble bed nuclear reactors coming online in the next couple of years and 200 planned for maybe even this wouldnt effect it as much as we would think.
Certainly no-where near as much as it would to a western country, the Chinese are a very resiliant people and can take a punch far better than any western nation, look what happened in New Orleans after a day or two!
Many suggest at any given point western civilisation is only three hot dinners away from anarchy.
Chinese culture is also very strong with a continous 5/6000 years of continuity, I wouldnt be at all supprised if they had their own bloodlines pulling strings.
We face an interesting dilema, if the world is totaly controlled why the stress, weather wars etc?
To keep the world population occupied?
Because I think most of the west is to busy watching big brother household or football on tv to notice anyway.
The main reason China is an enigma to me is that virtually every prophecy of a future WW3 speaks of a massive army/hord from the east (200 000 000 in one prediction) wipeing everything out in its way.
The only nation state in any position to do this is China. (It can raise an army of two hundred million in seven weeks)
I think also it is foolish or arrogant on our part to underestimate them, they are adept in mind controll techniqes and have had a tesla scalar weapons program in place for some time.
The Chinese consider the US a paper tiger and they are certainly a handfull at the very least.
In the latest war gaming senarios between the US and Nth Korea guess who won?
They ran the program over and over and kept getting the same results, and thats only Korea!
In the latest wargames with India the US airforce also came off second best, the west is loosing its technological gap every day.

Old barby Bush better learn to use chopsticks :-P
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