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Default Re: Illuminati Strikes Again! Earthquake exactly 9 months and 11 days since Tsunami!1111

truebeliever as in "The powers that be", or should I say the children of Abraham, who have used their fundamental religions to impede the sciences.
For instance.. "The world is flat".. Because the Bible says it is.

Eventually all planets and solar systems die. When they do, they take their religions with them. The societies that survive are those that learn how to travel to other star systems.. We have almost depleted our first building block of energy.. OIL. When that is gone "The powers that be" will probably destroy the world thru Nuke Wars.

We the human race will never escape the earth or solar system before a planet sized rock hits the earth, or the sun burns out. That will be the end of all religions, but not the end of the universe. It will go on without us. And when it does, it will prove that these religions were false. The Gods we created will die with us.
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