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fra_nothing wrote:
I swear that I reject the doctrine of the eternal ice.
A global dome [ ICE ] encases all that is in the universe. Its under surface is covered (or strategically embedded) with highly reflective water crystals (sample of shapes on p. 2). Obviously, such incredible designs are capable of sending innumerable scattered reflections...accompanied by a full range of spectrum colors for our Redshift Theorists to play with and continue to expand their Expanding Universe fantasy. Reflections from multi-angled facets of these precisely embedded crystals off of a comprehensible number of actual stars are sent to locations of non-luminous entities (e.g., our moon without the sun, asteroids, nebulae). There in the blackness of space where many are retro-reflected off of the crystalline dome and are seen or captured by spectrographic technology and are yet other innumerable reflections that are being counted as actual dim stars or "night lights" behind nebulae, etc. The thickness of this global "dome" overlaying the present universe is vaguely suggested in the Hebrew connotation of "firmament" (#7554) that we just saw, viz., " expand by hammering, by implication, to overlay (with thin sheets of metal)...spread abroad (...into plates)...." So, how thick?? "Hammering" and "thin sheets" suggest not thick at all...perhaps measurable in inches or a cubit or two.... Who knows? Whatever it is, it is certainly not a figure that plays any substantive role whatever in the overall thickness of the Biblical Universe.
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