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Default Re: Poor Man's "Gold" Could Spell Survival in a Currency Crash

Haha yeah
Its a pitty here in Australia it is virtually impossible to get a firearm anymore, and if your caught with an unregistered one its 12 years in jail or a $200 000 dollar fine or both.
New draconian gun laws were brought in after the Port Arthur massacre, which was one of the first examples I became aware of of the staged problem-reaction-solution senarios pulled off by the global group. (but thats a whole other story)
Australia has been used as a testing ground for the NWO for a long time, usually these "solutions" are implimented in other western nations a year or two later.
Im with TB on this one, the best way to go would be get yourself a bit of dirt in a rural area (even only 5 or 10 acres will do) with a creek, dam or bore on it, bury a couple of 20/40 foot shipping containers on it, concrete em over and build a shed or house over the top with an entrance coming up inside.
Grow some veges, get some chooks maybe put up a green house or something and ya all go.
If you live in a city it would be a good idea anyway, get out on the weekends and stuff and get a bit healthy, in the mean time if nothing happens you have a good little weekender.
Your bomb shelter can be used for a lot of things, wine cellar, hiding place for the guns you didnt hand in :-D (not me) a dungeon for the kinky or you could even grow weed in em with almost no chance of getting caught :lol:
A good idea all round if you can afford it.
And if/when the day comes and the shit hits the fan, you and your family will most probably survive.
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