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Default How Can We Protect Ourselves?

Just as "Homeland Security" has a checklist of items we should have on hand in the event of a terrorist attack, i.e., duct tape, etc., (all kidding aside), I wonder what kind of advice can be offered to citizens in preparation of the NWO takeover.

You've talked about America becomming a fascist state, third world country, diseases, collapsed economy, police state, military rule, search and seizure of personal belongings and property, etc., etc., etc.

So, what can WE, the people do, in order to retain some power against the NWO as the advancement of their agenda of world dominance (One World Order) unfolds.

Just as they prepare, draft and outline their criminal acts against us for decades, we, too, should prepare, draft and outline a plan to combat their attempt to bring America and her people to their knees.

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