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Default Re: How Can We Protect Ourselves?

BA, my greatest fear is that THEIR agenda WILL go off on schedule as plannned and we as a nation will choose to "suck it up" and do nothing except hope for the best.

Civilizations rise and fall and only hindsight serves to tell us what they might have done at some point to save themselves. History is one of the least prioritized subjects in schools; it is only through a study of history that we can see our present situation clearly.

We've had voices crying out in the wilderness, so to speak, for at least 200 years as each incursion into our individual rights/liberties took place. But, hey, they only took a little here and a little there. We can live with it.

That attitude reduced us from being the freest country to just being freer than most others. Now even that isn't true. Gradualism works on Americans. Ask anybody, we're #1.

Perhaps, if nothing else, it will bring families back together in an attempt to survive by consolidation. Maybe people will get to know their neighbors with the same idea in mind.

If worst comes to worst and we don't survive, there's always the next. It's a shame we can't remember where we went wrong last time.
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