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Default Re: Obi Wan Appologizes

Oh, Sablefish, you are far too special to be a nobody. You sparkle. As they (the notorious THEY) say, each of us is somebody to somebody. You are somebody here on CC.

Among the few things left that I would wish for, one would be that we could become telepathic again so that the fullness of our thoughts could accurately be conveyed to others without words.

Words no longer illuminate, they obfuscate; their meanings change, like racism (wasn't always a bad thing), some get appropriated and can no longer be used in any other connotation successfully again like gay and holocaust and new words find their way into the language, even without the help of Spiro Agnew, like sexism and religionism.

As for the three beers a day, I envy you in the nicest way. After 3 beers, this white gal would be incoherent and probably asleep on the sofa, with no apologies. :lol:
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