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Default Re: Poor Man's "Gold" Could Spell Survival in a Currency Crash

Those are interesting articles, Draken. I have read similar stuff before, but not those specific links.
Frankly, I am skeptical in regard to any kind of heavy metal therapy, including and especially cysplatin (the platinum-based form of cancer chemotherapy). The effects of heavy metal poisoning are well known, and the benefits are difficult to assess. Some of the most respected physicians and researchers have openly stated that they would never let themselves be injected with platinum-based chemotherapy and that it is potentially worse than the cancer itself. If the body absorbs even miniscule quantities of heavy metals, results similar to the observations in your gold experiment article occur, i. e., temperature elevation, brainwave changes, etc. Whether or not this can be harnessed for therapueutic value remains to be proven, although I'm sure there are many who tout it as another of "secrets of the ancients".
But there is no question regarding the financial benefits of heavy metal therapy.
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