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Default Re: Does George Bush Represent a Rift in NWO?


Yes I totally agree that this could be what is happening now. The globalists really thought they could get the Rothschild’s man Kerry into power and every paper was on the case. The lies ran thick and fast but I think they under estimated the electorate. That’s what convinced me something was up when all of a sudden they all switched support away from Bush. Now what appears to have become the overwhelming trend since Bush won is he has replaced most of the top neo cons with people who are very close to him. People who have been long term friends and you have to ask the question that if the Neo cons were all so great why so many have resigned or been sacked. Also lots of pressure from the government on the UN at the moment (oil for food). Oh and check what’s going on with the RIIA, which is considered to be one of the most powerful military talk shops in the world. They were instrumental in lying to the public about WMD’s etc but now there has been anti Bush noises coming from them.
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