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There was far more going on after Katrina than simply thugs looting the streets.

There are documented ritualistic murders that occured in the Superdome.

This was far bigger than the 'black man' going crazy. The 'black man' was at the Superdome trying to help some help by the governement.

It was a stall tactic by the government, of course. It was an oportunistic plan to kill as many black people as possible.

But there were other problems. The Illuminati did not in fact 'plan' on this hurricane. Something went really wrong. So there had to be agents sent in to destroy sensitive information.

When the populace was still in the state of 'shock and awe', who really knows how many people were killed by human agents and not hurricanes?

Specific office buildings were apparently targeted to be torched. There must have been something in them that was bad news for the government.

The governor of Luisiana is a complete and totally incompetent bafoon. W - the President - stalled and stalled. But, it was more than that. The governor did not give the executive order. And without this, the federal government could not act. Or at least that is how it was spun.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the 'blue men' show up during all this chaos. The 'blue men' are everywhere.

And of course, the blue men are Illuminati paramilitary assassins.

Think I'm kidding? Then you're a brainwashed dumbass.

The Illuminati has had a stronghold in New Orleans from...who knows when.

Casinos, drugs, name it. It's all owned an operated by the 'families'. You know, 'the bloodlines'.

Just one problem. God took a big wave and piled up their casinos like bricks on top of one another.

This is pleasing.
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