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It's the same. But the cross and star is not complete on the vulgar seal of the United States dollar.

The divine principle does not plunge down to the rising being of bycoming. In 'their' thinking, it does not complete the union of Deus es Hominem (or God is Man, or Man is God) = Mysterium Iniquitatis.

For man is not God. God is God. And man is man. Man is in the image of God.

But the above symbol is the true seal of the Illuminist, i.e., a Satanic Black Magician.

This is why they will claim to follow divine law. This is true in a very warped sense. It might be better to say that they follow divine law because they cannot go beyond it.

It is really the Magick of Hermes, as Above so Below. It is understood in the Staff or Wand of Mercury. This is pure gnostic dualism. Pure Zoarastrianism. It is pure Magianism in the Persian Mithraic sense.

Yet in the final analysis, if one understand the history of the world, and the Mystery of Solve et Coagula that Satan once held, it is pure Satanism, and nothing else.

It is the highest form of glamour and illusion. Pure diabolical mimicry of a world he wishes existed, and in fact does not in the highest planes of reality, in that realm above the abyss where all illusion is abolished. There is nothing true about it except what deluded people are willing to believe. It has no substance, and that is exactly why it can and will be annihilated.
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