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Default The Illuminati should make its final grand assault

It is the time for you to make your grand assault.

There are those of us elect in Christ who cannot be deceived or swayed by any means. This you know. Yet we will not fight you physically. This you know too. We will stand our ground and give you a glass eyed stare.

But think of all those pseudo-Christians. Think of all those caught up in New Ageism, who have never perceived what it was all really about. Even consider the naive Satanist, who really does not perceive what it is all about, and ACTUALLY believes that there is no God, nor Satan.

I think that if you consider the present conditioning of the world, and if you look to how fat and lazy and dumb the average American has become, you will clearly understand and perceive that the majority are ripe for takeover.

Now there is only one last problem the Illuminati faces - the camp of the Saints. Now it is required upon you to destroy this final adversary. You will attack without pity or quarter.

And the time is ripe. For there is no denomination, or university, or business, or government agency that is not infected for your Illuminism falsely so-called.

You are Choronzon. And Choronzon cannot exist in Unity. But the camp of Saints is ever unity. Therefore, you must attack.

If you do not, you are destroyed by the Spirit of His Mouth anyway.

Now attack. It is time. There is no other alternative. You have no where else to go. It is your time to spring as a coiled serpent. Now, spring serpents. Spring and strike us. Strike down you enemies. For this was your will.

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