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Default Re: $5M aid to Pakistan, $200M advertising on I.R.

Surgeons are running out of everything. Human beings being treated in the street. Massive suffering.

Great to see such a devout Christian like John Howard showing his love for fellow humans.


As for new firearms laws. The great thing is you can get a gun illegally more easily than ever. Howard and his advisers know this. So what is their real agenda?

I am actually for gun laws and strict registration. When a mate broke up with his wife and went a bit silly they came straight round and took his guns. This was prudent and good common sense.

I watch as the news recalls the countless ridiculous Justice Department decisions to release completely insane and dangerous druggies out on parole and on bail to SURPRISE SURPRISE commit henious crimes against the community...but BY GOLLY you bloody gun club people are gunna cop it! It's so fucking ridiculous as to defy description.
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