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Default Re: Thinking about joining, anyone with me?

Hey freeman You sparked a thought there ... maybe I am cursed?? Seriously though .. I don't think my fathers brother is bad .. he did not rise up the ranks .. but my family tree goes to Scotland .. I am here in canada. I know very little about that side of the family ... Maybe my tree is evil at the seed!! .. Thta's not cool .. I went through a jesus stage .. I used to preach to everyone about morals and being good ,, do onto to others as you would like them do onto you
Most people do not like that. I get away with nothing. All through school it was like an invisible source was always there to trip me up over any mischief.
I dunno just a thought .. maybe DNA can carry bad karma

And I was thinking about a political party, in canada we have parties that pop up .. like the marihuana party .. An ANTI-NWO party would be exactly what is needed just to shake things up.
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