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Yes, exactly.

Levi discusses this symbology in detail. I'm sure you've either read the original French or E. Waite's translation.

This is one of the basic textbooks of Magianism.

The student should also study the History of Magic, by our renegade priest who never was a priest in the first place: not because it is true, but because it will provide the reader with a thorough indoctrination of the 'art' of the Sorcerer.

I should add too, that so many times in these divers and sundry panticles, seals, etc. the symbology is absolutely true. Yet even this is inverted and twisted by the Illuminists.

It comes to the point of saying this, I'm sure that there are those Illuminists who know the facts of the facts. But I've always had a suspicion that just perhaps the Illuminist is actually deceived.

There is no better slave than one who thinks he is free. And in all the arrogance of the Illuminati, what one must keep in perspective is that Satan is the DECEIVER of the whole world. And what if his most enslaved pawns are the most deceived and illustious Illuminates.
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